Clean up begins in Schoharie County after Wednesday storm

SCHOHARIE COUNTY, N.Y. — The cleanup has begun in Schoharie County after Wednesday storms left damage in their wake.

For the Department of Public Works, it means some long days ahead. The heavy downpours destroyed several roads – the worst of which was South Gilboa Road where a section of it washed away. One couple had to be rescued due to rising waters in the area. Fire crews say the couple wasn’t injured and should be able to return to their home soon.

Over in Middleburgh, the heavy downpours led to a partial wall collapse in the rear of 330 Main Street. 

Tina Czyszczon says she was in the building last night when it happened.

“I heard this horrible noise and I thought it was thunder. And then when I realized it was the wall I called to my brother-in-law that oh my god, the wall,” she said.

Fortunately, no one was injured. Czyszczon and her husband own Fish Tails and Fur, a pet store on the ground floor, and it opened just two weeks ago.

“It’s not easy to either relocate or wait,” said her husband Mark.

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