State corrections officer guilty of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — A state correction worker is convicted of disorderly conduct in connection with a drunken fight in Saratoga Springs last August.

Police say John Bateman, 54, of Gansevoort was drunk when he got into a fight with a man on Caroline Street.

When officers separated the two, Bateman continued up Caroline Street and began shouting obscenities — causing a large crowd to gather. When he was asked for identification by a police officer he pulled out his New York State Corrections Officer badge. He persisted in shouting obscenities and refused to comply with the police officer’s requests to calm down, forcing the police to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

Officers say that when Bateman was handcuffed, he immediately made his body go limp and dropped to the ground pulling with him the officer who was escorting him. He then refused to get up and walk voluntarily which made it necessary for three police officers to pick him up and carry him to an awaiting police cruiser.

He was found guilty of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct on Friday.

Batemen faces up to a year in jail when he’s sentenced on September 5, 2014.

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