Police release photos, video of 2013 chase

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Authorities released photos and video relating to a 2013 police chase which left a man paralyzed.

In the early morning hours of August 31, 2013, police said then 21-year-old Darryl Mount, Jr. assaulted a woman on Caroline Street. He then ran from officers and led them into a dark alley, according to police.

The Saratoga Springs Police Department said the release was meant to provide transparency to the public, but the family of the injured man said it did anything but.

“You have no justification behind it, and you don’t want an outside investigation because you’re in with them,” Mount’s sister Miranda Mount said. “Your evidence is irrelevant. Give me the video of them doing what they did to my brother, and then we can talk.”

“I’ve stood behind our officers from the morning this happened,” Chief Gregory Veitch said. “As soon as we did the investigation and verified with the officers that told us. We back our officers a hundred percent in this incidence.”

Police said there was no footage of the end of the chase because there were no surveillance cameras in the alley.

Mount’s family has a notice of claim against the city. They said they have witnesses that support their claims; however, police said no one has ever reported that information to them.

Mount died from complications of pneumonia in May. He was 22.


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