Passerbys help save man from submerged car

DUANESBURG, N.Y. – Two motorists helped save a Delanson man who was in his car while it was submerged in water.

Colin Lomax was traveling east along Duanesburg Road around 5:20 a.m. Friday when his vehicle traveled off the shoulder, across the parking lot of the Duanesburg Fire Department and onto a grassy area where the vehicle then struck shrubbery, a monument and a flag pole.

The vehicle continued on through a fence and into a pond where it became nearly submerged.

Police said an unknown female motorist noticed the event and was able to draw the attention of a passing male motorist who stopped to assist.

The male motorist entered the pond and made a few unsuccessful attempts to get Lomax out of the vehicle. He did, however, break the rear driver’s side window, unbuckled Lomax and kept his head above the water line.

A second male motorist, 53-year-old Kenny Frederick, also came to help.

“I noticed a kid screaming for help in the water to help him,” he said. “And then I turned around and pulled right inside there.”

Frederick entered the pond with a hammer from his tool box and broke the driver’s side window and rear window.

“All I did was I grabbed my hammer, and I jumped in the water, and I tried to give him a hand,” he said.

Frederick said that was when the car began to sink. Lomax then floated to the rear of the vehicle where he was able to be pulled out by the two men, according to police. Frederick said he responded because no one else knew how to help.

“Well, I’m a fisherman. It doesn’t bother me,” he said. “The water don’t bother me. There was somebody in the water. I was worried about somebody drowning.”

Lomax was semi-conscious when he was pulled from the vehicle and taken to Ellis Hospital.

Frederick said he spoke with Lomax’s parents who said the 24-year-old had a seizure at the time of the accident, and he will be staying at the hospital overnight.

Troopers credit the male motorists’ actions as being a key factor in the accident potentially becoming fatal.

The incident is still under investigation.

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