Adrian Thomas found not guilty in son’s death

TROY, N.Y. — A jury has found Adrian Thomas not guilty in his son’s death.

The Troy man was accused of forcibly throwing his four-month-old son Matthew onto a bed causing head trauma that killed him. The defense argued that an infection killed the infant not trauma.

On Wednesday, Defense Attorney Steven Coffey went over testimonies of witnesses called by his team, which included doctors who diagnosed the baby of sepsis and ruled the baby’s autopsy report inconclusive.

Coffey continued to question why the prosecution didn’t call in certain expert doctors to take the stand. He went on to say the prosecution didn’t call them in because the District Attorney’s Office didn’t like what they said or simply forgot about them.

Instead, Coffey claims the prosecution called in William Terry, an inmate who was incarcerated with Thomas for a period of time, who told the jury Thomas admitted to killing his son.

Coffey went onto argue the prosecution’s witness, Dr. Sicarica, the medical examiner who performed the baby’s autopsy, is wrong. The doctor ruled baby Matthew died of head trauma, but Coffey argues other experts think otherwise.

The jury deliberated for six hours before finding Thomas not guilty of Second Degree Murder.

Thomas’s mother, Annie Pearl Black, was in court as the verdict was announced and let out a cheer. Thomas looked relieved.

Black met up with Thomas as he walked out of the county jail. They held on to each other as he left the facility.

“I feel great; five years and a half,” she said. “All the while I knew he was innocent.”

Thomas said he feels good about the verdict, and he thought he would have to wait even longer to be found not guilty.

He said he was grateful to have his mother by his side throughout the trial, and he’s looking forward to moving on with his life. He said he’s looking forward to going home to his family, but he misses his son.

“I wish I could have attended the funeral, but unfortunately, I couldn’t at the time,” he said. “He will definitely be missed always.”

In 2009, a jury found Thomas guilty of second degree murder, but the conviction was thrown out. This was a re-trial for Thomas.

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