Spa natives give predictions to Belmont Stakes race

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Saratoga Springs residents have differing opinions on which horse they think will be standing in the winner’s circle after Saturday’s Belmont Stakes race.

California Chrome is the odds on favorite at 3-5 to complete the Triple Crown at Belmont. However, some Saratoga residents have mixed reactions on the horse’s chance to be named the winner.

“It’s the most elusive prize in sports really,” Weezie Foye said. “Nobody can do it.”

Foye is a lifelong racing fan from Saratoga. She saw Secretariat win the Triple Crown in person back in 1973. She then saw Affirmed win the elusive title in 1978. Affirmed was the last horse to be named a Triple Crown winner.

Foye said she would love to witness history again with a California Chrome victory at Belmont.

“Thirty-six years later and nothing was better than Affirmed and Alydar, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow,” she said. “But we’re all fired up in this town and you know that.”

Ed Waite also grew up in the Spa City. He used to sell programs at the racetrack when he was 12 years old. He, however, does not believe history will be on California Chrome’s side because he said the three-year-old is not built for longer races.

“California Chrome is a small horse,” he said. “It has to really work to get a mile and a half. I think another horse will do it tomorrow.”

Both Foye and Waite believe a bit of strategy is involved in winning the Belmont, and whichever horse comes through in the back stretch is going to have to earn it.

“That stretch at Big Sandy will kill anybody,” Foye said. “If they make their move too soon, it’s goodnight Irene.”

“The first two races are average,” Waite said. “But now you’re at the Belmont. You’re at the Belmont.”

Foye said she only has one thing left to do as the excitement builds for the race.

“I gotta go get my beauty rest tonight,” she said.

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