One dies after motorcycle, vehicle accident

BOLTON, N.Y. – Police confirm one man has died after an accident in Warren County.

The accident occurred around 1:20 p.m. Friday on Route 9N in the town of Bolton.

Police said 55-year-old John Avellino of Clifton Park was travelling southbound on Route 9N on his motorcycle when he left the lane and entered the northbound lane. He was then struck by a GMC van operated by Stephen Frank of Lake George.

Avellino was riding with a group of motorcyclists but was separated from the group when he was struck. The last motorcycle in the group was being driven by Keith VanVeghten of Albany, and Mary Hoyle, also of Albany, was his passenger.

Police said VanVeghten was traveling southbound when he entered the debris field from the original accident. He and Hoyle crashed as a result. They were both taken to Glens Falls hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Avellino was pronounced dead at the scene. Frank was uninjured.

William House is a rider coach for the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program. He also used to work in law enforcement and said motorcycle accidents are too common, especially around time of Americade.

“When you get this many motorcycles in this confined area, it’s inevitable,” he said. “Mistakes are going to be made and accidents are going to happen unfortunately.”

Other bikers agree. They said they have to be extra cautious and alert when on the road.

“You gotta keep your head up,” John Boynton of Toronto said. “Keep your head in a swivel, look around, check your blind spots. You know, always expect the unexpected.”

Biker Humberto Hernandez from Lake George said safety is his number one priority.

“Number one is my helmet, and my companion’s helmet and eyeglasses,” he said. “You know, protect ourselves.”

Police do not believe alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in the accident. No tickets have been issued.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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