Hoosick Falls holds informal heroin educational meeting

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. – The village of Hoosick Falls held an informal meeting Thursday to educate people about opioid addiction and to let them know what resources are available.

Heroin has become abundant in the community, and police have been out in full force battling the drug. Now, community members are joining the fight to rid the area of heroin.

Tabitha Paddock became addicted to prescription pain pills ten years ago.

“It numbs you, so whatever is going on in your life, you don’t feel,” she said. “You don’t really crave the pill. You crave the feeling that the pill gives you.”

Prescription pain pills can have the same effect on the body as heroin.

“From a medical, brain receptor level, it’s the same thing,” addiction psychiatrist Dr. Nels Kloster said. “It causes a lot of devastation.”

Hoosick Falls is partnering with neighboring towns to start a conversation and find a solution.

“We need to have communications between our communities,” Police Chief Robert Ashe said.

Dr. Trey Dobson is an emergency medical physician. He said the first step in battling addiction is to not ignore the signs.

“Often they do not realize the opioid addiction until it’s at its worst point,” he said.

Secondly, officials then suggest seeking professional guidance.

“Find the right way to address this, to respond to it,” Kloster said.

Lastly, officials recommend overcoming the addiction together.

“The worst experience that I’ve had is being a user, and the best experience that I’ve had is being in recover, and I wouldn’t be in recovery if it wasn’t for my community,” Paddock said.

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