Montgomery County Jail brings in additional revenue

FONDA, N.Y. – County Executive Matt Ossenfort said the Montgomery County Jail is bringing in additional revenue from extra steps taken by the sheriff’s office.

The jail currently houses more than 45 federal inmates, and Ossenfort said the housing of federal inmates has brought in nearly $280,000.

Sheriff Amato and his team generated over $150 in the month of May nearly covering the entire cost of maintaining the facility.

Amato has looked at other ways of generating revenue, including charging inmates who watch television the electric bill to cover that expense. The jail has also started selling extra sandwiches to inmates.

A portion of the cost of extra sandwiches goes to the county. This process generated over $1,100 in April alone. Amato hopes to expand the program to increase revenue for the county.

Amato has used a portion of the additional revenue to make critical upgrades in his office to the Civil Service software, security cameras and to the fingerprinting system.

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