Everyday women take part in Freihofer’s Run for Women

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Freihofer’s Run for women brings thousands of women to Albany in one of the largest all-female foot races, but it’s not just the professionals racing.

Over 4,100 women from around the world gathered in the Capital Region Saturday to participate in the 36th annual Freihofer’s Run for Women.

Many of the women running said the best part of the race was being around thousands of strong and independent women.

“It’s very inspiring, very motivating and very rewarding to be able to run with a bunch of extraordinary women,” runner Melanie LaFlamme said.

Runners spanned 18 states and 26 countries, and for many, like the Roemer family, the race has become a long-standing tradition.

“It’s something we can do together,” Danielle Roemer said. “We try and push ourselves and finish strong.”

And although Danielle’s daughters said she leaves them in the dust, there’s still a friendly, family rivalry.

“Well, she’s faster than me, so I don’t really race with her, but I see her at the end so it’s pretty motivational,” daughter Mindy Roemer said.

“She’s faster than me also, but I enjoy running with my sister and it’s fun,” Julia Roemer echoed.

But the Roemers weren’t the only women making the run a family affair. This year’s race spanned generations ranging from age six to 84. The race included 191 mother-daughter pairs, 55 teams of sisters, and nine teams included a grandmother.

“It’s crowded, but it’s fun that it’s all women,” Danielle said. “We don’t have to compete against guys. It’s just fun to be around just women.”

And while girl power ran rampant at the race, many said it was nice to come together and remember those fighting a bigger battle.

“Everybody who’s here has somebody that’s been touched by breast cancer, so when you’re running it, you have extra energy and an extra good energy every time you are here,” runner Karyn Cognetti said.

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