UPDATE: Mace-spraying caused sickness, evacuation at Niskayuna Ruby Tuesday

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. — Ruby Tuesday’s corporate office says the release of a can of mace caused five people in its Niskayuna location to be sent to the hospital last night, and the entire restaurant to be evacuated.

The restaurant chain responded to NEWS10 ABC’s request for comment on Saturday, saying the keychain-sized container was accidentally set off, but the statement does not specify if it belonged to a customer or staff member. We have asked them to clarify, and will update the article when we find out.

According to Niskayuna’s fire chief, it was around 7 p.m. Friday when several customers complained of nausea, and shortness of breath after smelling a strange odor.

The chief adds the five people hospitalized were sent there only to be checked out. The restaurant was then evacuated for a brief time while it was vented.

Ruby Tuesday says everything is back to normal at the Niskayuna location this weekend.

“After the incident, our staff completed a thorough cleaning of the restaurant. As a result of the steps the staff has taken, we are open for service, and it is completely safe for guests to dine at the restaurant,” the restaurant chain’s statement read.

Ruby Tuesday tells NEWS10 ABC that any customers affected by the incident can contact its corporate office directly by emailing riskmanagement@rubytuesday.com.

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