Town of Nassau “Adopt-a-Veteran Marker” Program

The following information comes directly from the Town of Nassau Supervisor’s Office:

“The abandonment of three cemeteries within the town of Nassau led to some soul searching for Nassau Supervisor David Fleming. These abandonments left the rural community inheriting cemeteries filled with needs. State funds and some donations have helped to restore graves in one of the cemeteries but the other two cemeteries contained many gravestones of local veterans in dangerous condition, damaged or just in need of serious cleaning. The lack of any funds for these repairs under a restrictive tax cap – and many other pressing needs – brought the supervisor to an obvious answer. Nassau needed to create a new volunteer fund for the restoration of all the graves of veterans in town cemeteries.

As you walk through our cemeteries around Memorial Day, it will strike you how many flags are waving next to gravestones. There are many grave markers of veterans that are in need of cleaning and repair. This is a time consuming and in some cases, an expensive proposition,” said Supervisor Fleming. “I brought the idea of a fund made up of volunteer contributions to the Town Board at our last meeting and they unanimously and enthusiastically supported the project,’ stated Fleming.

This was not a surprise since noted restoration expert Don Carpentier is a member of the Town Board and had previously donated a class in cemetery restoration to town officials and community members. Another member of the Town Board, Deputy Supervisor Ron Sears, participated as one of the first students.

‘The Town’s very recent success with the restoration of the Brainard Rural Cemetery sparked a great deal of interest in the community in honoring our veterans in this tangible way. We wanted to continue this effort by extending this program to those graves we would not otherwise be able to restore,’ said Fleming.

Individuals are now able to contribute to a dedicated fund to restore and clean the graves of veterans in town cemeteries. Contributions will be utilized to upright monuments, repair foundations and clean the individual stones. If requested, contributors will be able to direct funds to the restoration of specific graves. Essentially, adopting a veterans’ grave. Nassau will also look to provide personal history for the community via research of the veterans that are being honored and provide that information on the town’s website.

Those interested in supporting this project may contact the Nassau Supervisor’s Office at 518.766.3559 ext. 2.”

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