Tornado hits Mariaville causing widespread damage

MARIAVILLE, N.Y.—Before hitting Duanesburg, the tornado rolled through Mariaville causing widespread damage.

Jerry Schoening, owner of Mariaville Motor Sports, surveyed the damage outside his home and business the morning after Wednesday’s storm.

“All of a sudden this huge gust of wind came up, lasted for probably ten minutes and I watched trees here snap like twigs, get uprooted, fall over like toothpicks. I never seen anything like it in my life. I knew there were thunder storms coming but I never expected this,” said Schoening.

Fortunately, Jerry was able to get his dogs, Frosty and Cookie before the storm got too rough.

“They were on the porch and I heard ’em barkin’. They were running around like crazy. I put them in the house and hoped for the best,” said Schoening.

Jerry said the storm blew his antenna over and ripped the cap off of his chimney. The rest of his home and business were left unscathed.

Jerry said he counted 16 trees that had either been uprooted or sheared off by powerful winds. He considers himself very lucky.

“I’m alive, my dogs are alive, no damage to the house, just damage to trees. I like trees but they grow back,” said Schoening.

The tornado that hit Mariaville last year was a category EF-2 with winds of 125 miles per hour.

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