Troy Police Captain prepares for retirement

TROY, N.Y. – The Troy Police Captain will retire from his position after over 30 years of service.

Captain John Cooney has served the city of Troy for 31 years.

Before he became the spokesperson for the police department, Cooney was a student at LaSalle Institute. He then entered the Air Force, but he said his heart always remained in his hometown and with his first love Chris.

While balancing his career and his second love of golf, Cooney and Chris would raise two daughters named Meghan and Lauren.

Cooney joined the Troy Police Department in 1983 and started as a dispatcher. But it was as a detective that Cooney excelled, especially in very sensitive cases. His warm approach also helped secure confessions.

Cooney has been passing along what he’s learned as an instructor to new recruits, but he will officially retire May 30.

He said he’d like to think he’s leaving behind a legacy of justice for victims as well as showing all the good that his officers do every day.

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