Major storm hits Capital Region

A major storm hit the Capital Region Thursday causing severe damage spread across several counties.

The storm hit in the late afternoon with tornado warnings for Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties. A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Montgomery, Herkimer, and Schenectady Counties.

The storm caused flooding and left severe damage throughout the area, including downed trees and power lines.

[SLIDESHOW: Hail storm hits the Capital Region]

“I was on the computer, and then I heard a lot of banging,” George Schottner said.

Schnotter was caught in the middle of the storm. He got up to see the hail, but the window blew out.

“Then I hid behind the wall until it was over,” he said.

Carina Possumato’s home was damaged by hail.

“As soon as we got to the house we put the car in park, and there was hail like the size of golf balls,” she said.

She, too, had her windows blown out.

“We ran in, the window just shattered all over; the door slammed shut,” she described.

People couldn’t believe what happened as they came outside to see the damage and clean up.

[SLIDESHOW: Duanesburg damage due to storm]

“It’s crazy,” Tyler Mattice said. “I didn’t think anything could happen like this here.”

“I didn’t think it was real,” Noah Onorati said. “I just didn’t. I knew there was winds and everything, but I didn’t think it was going to be this bad.”

Onorati immediately went to work.

“We’ve been cutting the limbs off putting them in the ditches and cutting up the trees and moving out of the way so people can get though,” he said.

Crews came out late in the evening to continue the cleanup.

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