Sheriff: Dozens of victims in Albany ID theft case

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Albany County sheriff says there are dozens of victims in the Albany Medical Center identity theft case.

Sheriff Craig Apple says there are dozens deceased persons whose social security numbers were allegedly used by nurse Suzette Guzman-Moore and her boyfriend Emmett Woods to apply for credit cards.

He also tells says the number of potential overall victims could be in the hundreds or even thousands.

“I can’t point them all to one specific health organization but I can say that lately, we’ve been receiving more calls from families that have had a family member pass away. And then they went to do their taxes or whatever at the end of the year and the social security number got kicked back as already used,” he said.

Apple also says he has contacted the IRS to help anyone affected by the alleged identity theft. But he wants to make sure his investigation is complete first before talking with the government.

“We’ve spoken to them on the phone and said, ‘Hey look, this is what we’re having.’ So we’re going to set up a meeting and sit down but we want to have all the information with us at that point,” he said.

Apple says he hopes to see additional arrests in the investigation within the next week. And with more suspects, more charges could potentially come to the table.

“We’ve got tons and tons of credit applications in different names and fortunately it appears that a lot of the names, the credit apps were denied. But we also want to make sure that we them all. And we want all the names of who may have been affected,” said Apple. “We have a very solid case against our two defendants right now, a very solid case. And we’ve been in conversations with the district attorney as well. But again, we could just stop here and say let’s go forward with what we have but we feel we owe it to the families and the victims out there to get to the bottom of it as well.”

The sheriff’s office continues to pour over data from laptops and smart phones seized from the suspects’ apartment. Guzman-Moore and Woods are being held without bail at the Albany County Correction Facility.

If you have any information, or you feel you’ve had your identity stolen in this case, you are urged to contact the Albany County Sheriff’s Department.

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