Mixed reactions to potential red light cameras in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. – Albany residents had mixed reactions to local officials proposed idea of installing red light cameras throughout the city.

Red light cameras could soon be coming to Albany as the city considers installing 20 cameras at different downtown intersections. Mayor Kathy Sheehan joined Police Chief Steven Krokoff and several state lawmakers Thursday to discuss the proposed legislation.

Some Albany residents like Owusu Anane support the cameras because he said keeping people safe should be the main focus.

“That’s an initiative that I definitely support,” he said. “We want to see people’s safety as the number one priority.”

But Vicky O’Brien got a red light ticket in New York City. She thinks it’s unfair for a camera to police people.

“I think it should be only police that give you tickets if they really see you going through,” she said.

Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy came up with the idea last week.

“We have to change behaviors, and we have to put safety first,” she said.

Marty Ryan said he’s open to the idea, but he’s not sure how accurate it can be.

“I think it’s fair,” he said. “I mean if you run a red light, you run a red light. I guess you deserve a ticket. But at the same time, if it’s close and you almost make it, and they still give you a ticket, I don’t think I like that.”

Others like Williams Laccetti aren’t sure it will help make roads safer.

“I would be paying attention to that camera, honestly,” he said. “And I would be probably looking out for intersections that have or don’t have the camera.”

The camera would take pictures of vehicles that run red lights, and then fine the driver $50. If unpaid, the fee would go up another $25; however, it would not add any points to your license or affect your insurance policy.

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