S. Glens Falls radio communication reveals confusion, urgency

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SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. – Radio communication after Monday’s bounce house accident reveals confusion and urgency between dispatchers and first responders.

A Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bounce House lifted at least 20 feet in the air Monday while three children played inside it. A 10-year-old girl fell out of the bounce house with minor injuries, but a five and six-year-old boy remain hospitalized with serious injuries.

When emergency crews first responded to 22 Ferry Blvd. in South Glens Falls they thought they were responding to kids hurt when a swing set tipped over. Once they arrived, however, they were met with a different scene.

“One child in the road. Unknown breathing,” the tape says. “Two children have traumatic injuries from a play set…15:27.”

First responders quickly called for back-up.

“Second ambulance is in (inaudible) 2-0,” the tape continues. “71-51 will be en route with a trained provider. 71-71 will be in route with a credentialed provider.”

Crews called for helicopters from Albany to transport the boys after they quickly assessed the scene.

“From the scene, both are conscious. Both are breathing. One has a head injury,” the tape describes. “Two helicopters. Twenty minute ETA.”

As the helicopters approached, emergency responders on the ground relayed updates to the crews in the air, and helped pilots land so they could get the young boys to the care they needed.

“Traumatic injury to a five and six-year-old,” they said. “South Glens Falls…requesting you set up a landing zone at the old sheriff’s substation.”

The two boys are currently in stable condition at Albany Medical Center.

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