Random acts of kindness spread through social media

ALBANY, N.Y. — A local community is coming together to spread kindness.

After Ashley Rosenbrock of Corinth lost her daughter, she chose to turn her loss into something uplifting for the community. She challenged others to perform random acts of kindness, and then post them online.

The heartwarming effort took off, and now Shenendehowa School District is joining in.

A group of sixth graders from Acadia Middle School paid for a local mothers frozen yogurt ahead of time, and caught her reaction on video.

“It felt really good because it was our own money, not our parents, we handed them a card, they didn’t know what to do, they just kept saying thank you,” said one of the sixth graders.

The students are taking part in a month long effort by the school district to get students to do something kind for someone else and pass it on.

Mary Potter, a teacher at Acadia, started the effort last year at Arongen Elementary.

The effort was such a success that there is a new district wide goal of 50,000 random acts of kindness in May. If you see or do something kind unexpectedly, post it online using #ShenRAK14 or #RAKon10. 

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