Second RPI graduate to visit International Space Station

TROY, N.Y. — For the second time in seven months, a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduate is going to space.

Commander Reid Wiseman graduated from RPI in 1997, received his masters from John Hopkins University, then flew fighter jets for the Air Force in combat. As if that wasn’t enough on his resume, he’ll now be going into space.

When the next space launch happens in Kazakhstan on May 28, Wiseman will be on board. A brilliant pilot and engineer, he told NEWS10 ABC via satellite from Russia that he can’t wait, and knows just what he’ll do first – catch a sunrise.

Another RPI graduate, Rick Mastracchio is at the International Space Station currently and is due back on earth next week. The two, not surprisingly, are pals.

“Rick Mastracchio and I, we became great friends. I was his backup crew for his launch in November, so for a lot of my training in Russia I’ve lived in the same apartment with him. I’ve gotten to know him and his wife and family really well, and let me tell ya, there is no better veteran to learn from than Rick Mastracchio. If its space related, he knows it and he knows how to talk about it and he’s passed on tons of great advice in fact he just sent me an email last night from space with a few little tidbits before he comes home,” said Wiseman.

It’s a six month mission for Wiseman, and he says he’ll be busy with three space walks, three re-supply visits and lots of maintenance to do inside the ISS.

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