Neighbors shocked over nurse’s arrest for stealing identities

ALBANY, N.Y. – Neighbors are shocked a local nurse was arrested for allegedly stealing the identities of several patients.

Suzette Guzman-Moore and her boyfriend Emmett Woods have been accused of stealing names and social security numbers of patients. Neighbors said they only knew Guzman-Moore through passing, but they said if the allegations are true, they are shocked a nurse would go to such extremes.

Brian Ford is a psychiatric nurse himself and was discouraged after hearing about Guzman-Moore’s arrest. He said complying with the HIPAA privacy rule is the number one priority.

“That’s the most important thing when you become a nurse,” he said. “You become a nurse to protect people. Not to take advantage of that.”

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said investigators also found paperwork from the Albany County coroner’s office inside Guzman-Moore’s apartment.

Apple said they are investigating the coroner’s office, but Ford said nurses can’t access that information unless they have an inside source.

“Well, they must have a contact or know how to get a hold of that information which is kind of sad,” he said. “They shouldn’t even be looking at that because unless they’re in medical billing they shouldn’t know. They should even access to that information.”

Apple said around 60 patients’ names have been identified, and the case has the potential to expand into something even bigger.

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