Sen. Schumer calls for bullet proof vests for law enforcement

ALBANY, N.Y. – Senator Charles Schumer is sponsoring a bill to increase funds to ensure bullet proof vests for law enforcement.

Bullet proof vests have saved the lives of 3,000 officers in the past 30 years, and there’s already a program to help local police buy the vests. However, the program has not been funded.

For three years, money has been moved out of the vest fund at the federal level which means there is less money when officers look for help buying them.

Schumer is sponsoring the bill that would increase the funds and split the costs of every vest that is needed. He said that as durable as the vests are, they do not last forever.

“We’ve had a federal program that has helped defray the costs of the bullet proof vests,” he said. “They’re $850 a vest every five years. They have to be replaced, and our police departments often don’t have enough money to give every police officer a bullet proof vest, and this federal program paid half the cost.”

Protecting police officers has support from both political parties. The senator is confident the bill has a strong chance of passing in both houses.

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