Power bills expected to increase in May

MENANDS, N.Y. – National Grid announced rates will be going back up in the month of May after Capital Region residents already had sky high bills during the winter season.

Many people were hoping their energy bills would decrease as warmer temperatures make their way into the region, but National Grid said customers can expect an increase of around $30 during the month of May.

“I could understand it being high in the winter time because we had a really, really cold winter, but now that the weather’s getting a whole lot nicer, the cost actually should be going down,” Albany resident James Thomas said.

Other people feel the same way, and they might rethink their options.

“I’m going to look for someone else – another carrier – because this doesn’t make sense,” another resident said.

National Grid blamed the price increase on an abnormally cold March causing them to adjust May’s billing rates.

Albany resident Shaquana Smith said she’s had a hard time getting in contact with someone at National Grid. She said she thinks the bills are a rip-off.

“When you call National Grid, they tell you ‘We billed you for this month and half of next month’ or ‘We’re going by last year’s rates and how much it might average’ and then you might be paying something that doesn’t reflect your usage,” she said.

NEWS10 ABC went to the company’s headquarters but was turned away.

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