Man defends wife, father after their arrest

SCHODACK, N.Y. – A Schodack man is speaking out in defense of his wife and father after they were arrested for allegedly withholding food from two of their children.

Police said 33-year-old Dana Glasser and 61-year-old Joseph Glasser withheld food from two five-year-old boys until they were emaciated. The two adults were arrested April 26.

But the boys’ father, Brian Glasser, said he supports his wife and father and blames his mother-in-law for trying to ruin his family.

Brian said his two sons have had medical issues since they were born prematurely. He said his family has worked with doctors constantly, and their two other children do not have any medical problems.

Brian said the charges against his wife and father came at the worst time as he is recovering from a liver transplant after being treated for an autoimmune disease in Florida. He said he was preparing to move the whole family to Florida to start a new life.

“When the boys were taken, they cried for Dana and held on to her leg,” Brian said.

Brian said his wife is a good mother to all four of their children, but after their triplets were born prematurely, the two boys – Nathan and Zack – never caught up with their sister in growth. Brian said they have followed up with medical professionals since they were born, including at home and when the boys went to school.

“The boys were diagnosed with failure to thrive, but the doctors’ reports said the boys were in no danger, and we have records of that proof,” Brian said. “We constantly followed the plan set in place. They said ‘See this consultant,’ and we did. Told us what nutritional guidelines to follow, and we did that.”

As they continued to unravel the mystery of the boys’ illness, Brian went to Florida for treatment of his own autoimmune disease eventually receiving a liver transplant.

Brian said he asked his father to help Dana care for the kids while he was away. His plan to move the whole family to Florida is now in jeopardy because of his mother-in-law, according to his attorney Chery Coleman.

“Her mom became obsessed with the idea that Dana was having an affair with Brian’s dad,” Coleman said. “It was insane. Out of left field.”

Coleman showed expletive laced texts she said were from Dana’s mom and pointed out that no doctor who had examined the children ever reported abuse.

“There’s a doctor’s record from January of 2014 saying the boys are in no acute medical distress,” Coleman said. “Keep in mind the top counts of the indictment charge our clients with causing serious physical injury.”

Brian’s mother-in-law did not want to speak to NEWS10 ABC until she had spoken with her attorney first.

The boys and their two sisters have been placed in the care of other family members.

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