Answers sought one year after deadly Hulett Street fire

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Friday marks the one year anniversary since a deadly Hulett Street fire in Schenectady.

The blaze broke out in the two-story home early in the morning, killing 33-year-old David Terry, 3-year-old Layah, 2-year-old Michael, and 11-month-old Donavan.

Sa’fyre, 5, was badly burned and remained in critical condition for a number of days following the incident.

Robert Butler was previously charged in a federal complaint with setting the fire. On February 7, the United States Attorney’s Office dropped their case against Butler.

A makeshift memorial now stands in the lot of 438 Hulett St. It is made up of stuffed animals, dolls and toys. They were placed there in part to honor the lives lost.

Family and friends of the victims held a vigil Friday at the memorial. Liz Dolder lost her brother David in that fire. She said she was filled with mixed emotions during the vigil.

“We’ve been filled with many, many, many emotions today,” she said. “From up, down. Angry. Sad. So angry. Extremely angry.”

Dolder said it’s been a hard year for her family but is glad they still have Sa’fyre who is in her care.

“It’s been a horror story,” she said. “A horror story filled with blessings because Sa’fyre kept us going.”

But Dolder and her family still haven’t found seen justice. The case remains open, and the person responsible is still at large.

The family hopes the vigil will remind everyone to help police in bringing justice.

“Our family is gone,” Dolder said. “It’s not like one. They took four.”

A reward of $12,000 is now being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. All information will be treated confidentially and the callers will remain anonymous if requested.

“People out there know the truth,” Dolder said. “They have a tidbit of information that can come forward, just come forward. If you’re holding back information, you’re just as guilty as the person that set that fire.”

Anyone having information should call the ATF Albany Field Office at (518) 431- 4182 or email at Email:

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