Mass. governor brings good news to NARH community

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. – Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick brought some promising news to the North Adams Regional Hospital community Friday.

Patrick spoke in North Adams Friday to tell the community Berkshire Medical Center is in a position to take over NARH.

Cindy Bird is a former nurse at NARH.

“To have him make an appearance today – at the end of the day – I think it’s a positive,” she said.

Patrick also announced BMC and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts will temporarily partner to provide walk-in care to the surrounding community. School President Mary Grant said they have the space and there’s a need for a facility in the city.

“If there are bumps in the road, we’ll figure them out,” she said. “But there’s been a lot of goodwill in moving this forward, and it all happened within the last several hours. It’s been a busy day. It’s like, ‘Ok, let’s give it a shot.’”

North Adams Mayor Richard Alcombright was also happy to see Patrick.

“[The governor and I] talked a little bit about the marathon and Boston’s comeback, and their resurgence over the past year,” he said. “And I said if the biggest city in the Commonwealth can come back after something like that, then the smallest city in the Commonwealth can come back after this.”

Alcombright said he and Patrick spoke about North Adams’ economical downfall due to the hospital closing. The mayor was assured by the governor, the Commonwealth would do all it could to bring the city back.

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