Two officers and sergeant sustain injuries in separate attacks

WASHINGTON COUNTY, N.Y.—Two officers and a sergeant sustain injuries after being attacked by inmates in two separate incidents at upstate facilities.

Andrew Givens, 30, who is serving an 8 year sentence for cocaine possession, was threatening a counselor at the medium security prison when an officer and sergeant ordered him up against the wall.

Givens attempted to elbow the officer and sergeant but was unsuccessful as they checked him for weapons. He was then sent to the special housing unit.

Upon arrival at the special housing unit, Givens kicked the officer several times in the chest and stomach. The officer was then bitten by the inmate and could not get him to release his bite.

Two officers rushed to the scene to remove Givens, but the sergeants skin had already been broken through on his left thumb.

Givens was convicted of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 2nd Degree in 2008 in New York County. He has a prior history of assaults on staff while incarcerated at Washington Correctional Facility.

A second incident occurred on April 23 at Great Meadow, a maximum security prison.

Joshua Goodwin, an inmate, was seen grabbing something off one of the cells when an officer ordered him up against the wall to be searched.

During the frisk, Goodwin spun towards the officer and attempted to assault him. He then bit the officer in the stomach and refused to release.

Other officers responded and were able to get Goodwin to release after puncturing the skin of the officer. The officer was then treated by medical staff at Saratoga Hospital and released.

“In both cases, the officers and sergeant took the appropriate actions. We will continue to monitor the progress of the criminal investigations and provide the necessary support to our injured members,” said North Region Vice President Randy Page.

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