The blame game continues on the high cost of energy

ALBANY, N.Y. — Questions persist in the quest to find the cause of fluctuating energy bills in the Capital Region.

“The middle class is getting buried. We’re getting taken advantage of. We’re being used. We’re not getting the correct answers,” said John Bradwell of Moreau.

Bradwell visited Albany to protest outside of National Grid on Thursday, saying that like many in the Capital Region, he’s fed up with his energy bill increase. He says his has tripled.

But the blame has continuously shifted as energy companies including National Grid and NYSEG say they just deliver and it’s the supplier who is to blame, but one supplier said it’s the New York Independent System Operator that regulates pricing. And yet another supplier said it is the Utility that determines the price.

Senator Greg Ball says third of the price is set, a third is delivery and another third is commodity. Ball said that he believes price gouging is to blame for the recent increases, and the cold weather is just a foolish excuse by industry leaders and state agencies.

“Bills went up literally 250 percent. Their math didn’t add up and somebody is making a lot of money and gouging and senior citizens small business owners and blue collar families are getting screwed and using the worst winter we’ve had in a long time as a reason to screw blue collar people just is unacceptable,” he said.

The senator says he will ask the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to investigate the issue more aggressively.

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