Ambulance Service gets new vehicle after NARH closure

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. — A local ambulance service has added a new vehicle to its fleet.

North Adams Ambulance Service, Inc, or NAAS, added the vehicle after the closure of North Adams Regional Hospital to help meet the needs of the local community it serves.

The unit will be on lease for the next several months while a new ambulance is in production.

The hospital closed in late March, leaving an entire community scared, not knowing when they might be in a life-or death situation.

Patients are currently taken Berkshire Medical Center, others some 18 miles to Vermont, and in a situation where seconds matter — that wasn’t good enough.

“It’s been a concern since day one, it’s been our concern. I think Berkshire Medical has really stepped up to the plate and provided a service that we really needed during this time,” said Chief John Meaney of the North Adams Ambulance Service.

Berkshire Medical Center is one step closer in purchasing North Adams Regional Hospital, and in the meantime, officials say they’re trying to open the emergency room by May 19. 

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