NEWS10 Special Report: Canine Courage

Two years ago, a small dog was rescued by Out of the Pits at just 12-weeks old.

Part Akita, part Pitbull, Nimee’s story is one of triumph and love.

The pup, born with deformed front legs, came from a litter of 10 puppies born in New York City.

“It’s almost like having a handicapped child. You have to allow them to do what they do, and not hold them back. Nimee came to my house and she was one of six dogs, and she wanted to be part of the pack,” said Barb Nizinkirk, Nimee’s foster mother. “She was no different than any other puppy.”

Nizinkirk, of Troy Veterinary Hospital, was Nimee’s foster mom for the first eight months. It was later decided Nimee would need a cart.

“She would become frantic and hated the cart. So I talked to Dr. Stancliff and I said is it horrible to think about taking these legs off because she doesn’t want any part of the cart, so Dr. Stancliff made me realize, that they were useless and taking them off would give her more freedom,” said Nizinkirk.

Once she got into the cart after the limbs were removed, she never stopped – but Nizinkirk knew that Nimee needed to go into a home where there was more time.

“You sob….you cry… get into your car and pull over and sit on the side of the road and cry some more,” she said about the decision. “I work 10 hours a day, its tough love again, you give them to someone who can give them more than you can and it leaves you open for the next one.”

She says in her heart, Nimee is still her little foster girl.

Nimee’s new foster mom Cassie Costantino came into her life. It was love at first sight, she just couldn’t let her go — so she adopted her.

“Nimee is pretty spectacular, she may not have her front legs, she does everything a normal dog does. She can jump on my couch, she can steal stuff off my table,” she said.

Now Nimee is giving back to everyone, especially those with physical challenges.

The lesson that she teaches is just because you are handicapped, doesn’t mean you have to dwell on it and be sad. She’s happy everyday of her life. Every day is a new adventure — she gets up, asking, “what are we doing today?,” in her own way.

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