Two Columbia County men arrested for Larceny

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County men were arrested Friday after stealing video game components.

The two men stole the video game
components from one store, then proceeded to a different store nearby to sell

Target security watched the two men
flee the store with X-box and PlayStation game controllers and were able to
provide police with a good description of the car.

Officer Michael Guadagnino spotted the suspect vehicle
parked in front of a nearby “game” store shortly after and confronted them.

Rickey Dymond, 29, and Trey McCleese, 18, were both
charged with Larceny and Possession of Stolen Property. 

While being search, Dymond was found to be in possession
of narcotic implements including syringe needles. Dymond faces additional
counts of Possession Hypodermic Device and Possession Controlled Substance.

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