Jobs Express lists 88,000 available positions

ALBANY, N.Y.—Nearly 88,000 jobs are currently available and
listed on the Jobs Express website.

The website sorts thousands of jobs by region and
occupation, while also allowing users to search jobs based on zip code.

“Since the site was first launched, thousands of businesses
have utilized Jobs Express to tap into the Empire State's unparalleled
work-force, and with more people being hired every day it is playing a vital
role in our efforts to connect New Yorkers with growing local businesses,” said
Governor Andrew Cuomo.

More than 119,000 new job openings were listed on Job
Express throughout the month of March.

“This is just one tool the Department of Labor uses to help
connect workers to available jobs. I urge anyone looking for a job or to
advance their career to visit the Jobs Express page and to visit one of our 96
New York Career Centers for one-on-one assistance in finding a job,” said State
Labor Commissioner Peter M. Rivera.

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