Union player hails from Minnesota

PHILADELPHIA – One Union Dutchman hails from the land of
10,000 lakes, and the junior forward knows one of Minnesota's top players well.

Union's Sam Coatta grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota. He
watched Thursday night as Minnesota senior defenseman Justin Holl scored his
first goal of the year sending his team to the championship game.

“It was a timely goal, and I was happy for him,” Coatta

Both guys supported the Golden Gophers growing up.

“I went to some Gopher games growing up,” Coatta continued. “That
was the team, so those were the games you went to.”

But their lives took two different turns out of high school.

“A bunch of Minnesota guys stick around in the Midwest, so
to come out East was a little different,” the junior forward explained.

Coatta didn't have much of a choice. He wasn't recruited by
Minnesota, and Holl believes that could play an added factor in Coatta's
motivation Saturday.

“As a Minnesota kid, I think if you're not recruited by
them, or even if you are, and you come back and play them, it's probably a big
motivator to beat Minnesota,” Holl said.

Coatta, however, says it will be “just another game.”

“It will be fun playing against some guys I know, but at the
end of the day, we're playing for a national championship, so that's exciting
enough,” he said.

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