New Bishop celebrated at reception

ALBANY, N.Y. – The new installed bishop Edward
Scharfenberger was celebrated at a reception following his ordination Thursday.

“Albany is no question about it it's going to be a challenge
to try to reach all those people, but I have a lot of help, too,”Scharfenberger

The new leader of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese will be
representing around 330,000 Catholics across 14 counties. He said he's been

“The vision has to be for people,” he said. “The church is
really people. It's not buildings. It's not land. It's not about prestige.”

Scharfenberger's ordination is the end of an era and the
beginning of a new one. Bishop Howard Hubbard served for 37 years, and the
ceremony ended with Scharfenberger taking his seat.

“He is just such a very pastoral, kind, gentle person, and I'm
sure he's going to make a big hit in our disocese,” Hubbard said.

“I went in there with compassion asking God to put my
complete trust in whatever the Lord wants to do,” Scharfenberger said. “And so
what came to me is how grateful I am.”

But before he was a bishop or a priest, Scharfenberger was
just Ed to his parents. They 93-and-94-year-olds were at the ceremony and the
reception. His father said he knows his son will be a good bishop because of
how he treats them.

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