Valentine’s Music Hall finds new home, new name

ALBANY, N.Y. – Valentine's Music Hall and Beer Joint has
moved to a new location on Central Avenue and has been renamed The Low Beat.

“The old Valentine's, well, I was there for about 16 years,
and I didn't own the building,” The Low Beat owner Howard Glassman said. “I
rented and eventually Albany Med made the landlord an offer he couldn't refuse,
and he didn't, and now we're here, but actually we're in a better place. We
kinda feel like we're in a better place here up at Central Avenue.”

Glassman moved from New Scotland Avenue to a venue called
The Low Beat on Central Avenue.

“I didn't want to rent anymore,” he said. “I wanted to have my
own building; a place where I couldn't get kicked out of anymore, a placed where
I could do whatever I wanted to do with, and we found it, and this is home. It
feels like home. The bands that have played here so far have raved about the
sound. Just the natural warmth of the wood in the room.”

The Low Beat is located next to Paulie's Hotel at 335
Central Ave with countless parking spots in the immediate area.

“There are more local bands than there are days of the week,
nights of the year that we can put them in here, so it's a good problem to
have,” Glassman said.

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