Ravena man sentenced for attempted assault of a police officer

ALBANY, N.Y.—A Ravena man was sentenced to two to four years
in State Prison on Friday.

Shawn Ingersoll, 35, pleaded guilty to one Count of
Attempted Assault in the second degree.

After receiving a call of a domestic incident on June 1,
2013, officers responded and approached the residence. Ingersoll opened the
door but refused to go outside after being told he was under arrest.

Officers went inside, at which point Ingersoll shoved an
officer to the ground before fleeing the residence.

One of the officers fractured her leg and tore several

“Mr. Ingersoll had the choice to
surrender peacefully and without incident. Instead, he repeatedly failed to
obey the officer's instructions and attempted to flee the scene, which resulted
in an injury to an officer. I hope Mr. Ingersoll spends the next several years
in his state prison cell reflecting upon the choices he has made and where he
has ended up because of them,” said District Attorney David Soares.

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