Easter egg museum opens for first time in a decade

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. – Over 5,000 eggs are on display at the
Mildred Vrooman Easter Egg Museum in Schoharie.

Joseph Heyman is one of the curators of the museum.

“Eggs of every description you can think of – from ostrich
eggs to pea hen eggs – decorated with precision with folk art in mind, with
humor and with passion,” he said.

The eponymous artist of the museum passed away in 2012 at
the age of 103 leaving behind a unique collection of art. Curators Joseph and
Berna Heyman hope to raise $20,000 through the museum to benefit the Schoharie
Free Library by teaming up with the Schoharie Valley Association.

The library lost a lot of its book collection during the
flood caused by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

“One of the things that Mildred Vrooman did during her life was
take her sense of vision for different scenes and create eggs that fit the
scene,” Joseph said.

Some works of art include a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse,
a big-top circus and the presidents of the United States.

The museum opens for the first time in ten years April 4.

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