Troy Police relieved Jesse Sawyer is in police custody

TROY, N.Y. – Members of the Troy Police Department are relieved fugitive Jesse Sawyer is in custody in Florida, and they are now focused on keeping him behind bars.

“We just know Jesse Sawyer to be the bad person that he has been made out to be,” Troy Police Captain John Cooney said.

Cooney was exhausted Friday after a long night of working with Pinellas Park Police to detain Sawyer.

“It's been an emotional rollercoaster today,” he continued.

There was confusion and a lack of communication between Troy Police and the Pinellas Park Police Department Friday that led to Sawyer being released before he surrendered to police.

A sign was placed on the property of Sawyer's last known Troy address that states its private property and there should be no trespassing. No one inside the home was willing to speak on the case or the arrest.

However, neighbors are relieved Sawyer is behind bars. Catherine Esposito lives near Sawyer's last known address, and she hopes he is held accountable for his actions.

“I hope that he gets what he deserves, whatever it is,” she said.

It's Sawyer's actions that Troy Police say is so horrible.

“It's evidence that they would not want to see,” Cooney said. “It's evidence that would make them sick to their stomachs and create a feeling that would probably stick with them for some time.”

Cooney said evidence shows Sawyer having sex with children.

“Mr. Sawyer did take, what is commonly referred to as ‘selfies' of himself in the act of having sexual conduct with children under the age of five years old,” Cooney explained.

It's because of that evidence that Cooney said the department will do whatever it takes to keep Sawyer behind bars.

“He's in the system now, and it's a system that reaches well beyond the confines of the city of Troy,” he said. “So we'll just let the system do its work and hopefully do it well.”

But if not, Cooney said his department would step in.

“It's fair and reasonable to say that we are going to let the feds do their thing until we feel a reason to step in and move forward with our own case,” he said.

Sawyer is currently being held in Florida on a federal charge of Production of Child Pornography. He is expected to be extradited to New York where he will be arraigned in court on that charge.

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