Sewer systems lose money from budget cuts

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WASHINGTON – Hundreds of
millions of dollars was cut from water and sewer projects, and the Capital
Region is highly affected.

President Obama cut $400
million from water and sewage projects in the national budget. New York State
was supposed to receive $40 million.

“Sewers, we don't pay much
attention to them unless they, or unless the sewer tax or water tax, goes way
up, and that's gonna happen under the proposal by the President to slash the
Clean Water Act, which funds water and sewer by over $400 million,” Senator
Charles Schumer said.

Upstate New York has 340 sewer
projects that have pending applications. If the federal government doesn't help
and a sewer fails, the cost of fixing the problem will fall on local taxpayers,
or the sewer will have a poor repair and the sewer will keep overflowing.  

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