Community supports one another as NARH prepares to close

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. – North Adams residents are still frustrated and angry despite an injunction that is keeping the emergency room at North Adams Regional Hospital temporarily open.

Hospital employees said the main entrance to the medical facility closed Thursday despite the official closing date of Friday morning. They said the only way into the building was through the emergency room entrance.

Dozens filled the pews of First Baptist Church for a prayer vigil as emotions and concern for the hospital overflowed.

Joan Sadlow has been a registered nurse at NARH for over 25 years.

“I was devastated,” she said of the closing. “I couldn't believe it. It came in Tuesday around a quarter of three and tears. And I haven't stopped crying since.”

Sadlow is the sole provider in her family, and she doesn't know what she's going to do once the hospital closes. She said she doesn't believe the injunction will bring her job back. Her last shift is on Friday.

“It's like a funeral,” she said. “That's what it's like. And tears; crying in the hallway.”

TD Bank stayed open after hours Thursday to ensure that all NARH employees had the opportunity to cash their last check.

Hospital employees at the bank said they knew the hospital owners had run out of money, and they did not want to wait to cash their checks.

Most NARH employees considered the injunction a brief reprieve as officials continue to determine what the injunction will mean for the facility and how many staff members will be needed.

A lot of questions are left unanswered for North Adams residents, but protestors vowed to remain inside the hospital even after officials try to close it.

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