Lady Danes to take on Mountaineers Sunday

COLONIE, N.Y. — The UAlbany women's basketball team headed to Baton Rouge on Friday for a Sunday game against West Virginia.

This is the third straight year the Lady Danes have prepared to experience March Madness. 

“It's exciting. Every year is exciting, no matter when it happens. And this is something new for the freshman, they're five of them and they're super excited, super pumped,” said Coach Katie Abrahamson-Henderson.

Some of the women have been through the NCAA tournament before, so while they are happy to be headed to Baton Rouge, they know this is a business trip.

“We're expecting a large crowd so hopefully we just go out, play hard, just be excited and ready to go,” said Shereesha Richards, a sophomore.

As for UAlbany fans, Ron Terry, who is making the trek with the Lady's and watched the men hold their own against Florida yesterday, says it's a great week to be a Danes fan.

“The fact that the boys did well, the girls got something to shoot for too. And but look at their record all year, they've been doing well,” he said.

If the Lady Danes can take down the second seeded Mountaineers, this would be their first win in program history.

Three straight years for the Ualbany women and back to back trips to the NCAA tournament for the men's basketball team has provided the Great Danes with a level of advertising one school official says the university's money couldn't buy.

UAlbany Director of Media Relations Karl Luntta says the school has seen a bump in applications in years past due to the success its athletic program has achieved and believes it will happen again.

“It's hard to quantify but yeah it does. They look at it and they say, 'I'd like to be part of that. I'd like to be part of this excitement,”said Karl Luntta, UAlbany Director of media Relations.

“I believe that it brings more life to the campus, more students would be persuaded to come because everybody's rooting for their team, your school's team and that's what makes everybody happy,”Gigi Sayon, junior at UAlbany.


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