Howe Caverns attempting to land Las Vegas style casino

Schoharie County's Howe Caverns has expressed interest in landing a Las
Vegas style casino.

Last month the Schoharie
county board of supervisors passed a resolution against casinos, but is now
saying they will reconsider.

The manager of this
tourist attraction says it may be a little too late to express interest, but
according to the manager, the debates in Saratoga County have opened a window.
Earlier this month, Saratoga's City Council voted no to casino gambling
expansion in the Spa City.

The state plans to build
a total of seven Las Vegas style casinos, four of them being in Upstate New

Owners at Howe Caverns say they will remain a family destination, having a casino
would just be a great addition and benefit the surrounding area.

The manager of Howe
Caverns is expected to present his casino plan to
the board of supervisors Friday morning, it
is then up to the board to vote on approval.

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