Albany County deputies step up DWI patrol for holiday weekend

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Albany County Sheriff's Office will be
saturating the county over the weekend looking for drunk drivers.

Officers stepped up their DWI patrols Friday for the St.
Patrick's Day weekend.

“People who look like they're not paying attention or having
trouble driving,” Deputy Sheriff Tyler Moffat said. “We really want to cut down
on fatalities and accidents that are caused by people who have been drinking
and driving or driving while ability is impaired by drugs.”

Officers will be out day and night cracking down on DWI as
well as drugged drivers.

Police stopped a vehicle for not signaling Friday, but they
immediately smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle.

“Searched them to see if they had any drugs on them,” Moffat
said. “One actually did have marijuana on them.”

Police also suggested defensive driving.

“You really want to pay attention to who's around you and
cars coming at you and cars that are next to you,” Moffat said.

Police say they are not out to ruin anyone's night. They
just don't want people to drink and drive.

“St. Patrick's Day is supposed to be a fun holiday,” Moffat
said. “All we want to do is make sure everyone can enjoy it in a safe manner.”

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