UAlbany PD warn community about e-mail scheme

ALBANY, N.Y. – The University at Albany Police Department is
warning the school community about an e-mail scheme circulating various
campuses around the country.

The e-mail scheme contains threatening language and attempts
to extort money. The e-mail has been found at various schools, including the University
of Buffalo.

Variations of the scheme are common and some of the signs of
the scheme include:

  • The e-mail comes from one address but when you
    reply the address is different.
  • The message threatens to kill you but has no
    specific information about you.
  • The message warns you not to contact anyone,
    including the police.

One of the schemes came from a hacked University of Buffalo
account with the intent of tricking school account users to respond with user
names and passwords.

UAlbany PD advises the school community to never e-mail user
ID, password or any other private information.

If you receive an e-mail that you believe to be suspicious,
call University Police at 518-442-3131.

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