Police make second arrest in Shushan dog abuse case

SHUSHAN, N.Y. – Police have made a second arrest in the a dog abuse case in Washington County.

The Washington County Sheriff said 19-year-old Jon Corcoran of Syracuse is charged with 12 counts of Animal Cruelty and three counts of Child Endangerment.

Police said he and Neil Jordon left dozens of animals to die inside a home in Shushan without heat or water. The animals that were saved have all found new homes.

The landlord of the rental property, Elizabeth Osterhaudt, called officers
after discovering the abandoned animals during a chimney inspection attempt.
Authorities found 11 dogs alive in the feces covered home, but without proper
food, water, and improper living conditions. Several dead birds and two dead
rabbits were also found.

Jordon was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child after the
investigation uncovered that he had his children at the residence with no
working heat and that dead animals had been stored in the freezer with the
family's food.    

Jordon is a well-known groomer and show dog
handler. His case is still pending in Salem Town Court.

The sheriff said no further arrests are expected.

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