Pittsfield Police Department releases crime map

PITTSFIELD, Mass.—The Pittsfield Police Department and BAIR Analytics
Inc. recently partnered to provide a crime map to the public.

The crime map called RAIDS, is an online system that maps and analyzes
crime data, alerts Pittsfield citizens about crimes in their area, and allows
the Pittsfield Police Department to quickly alert the public about crimes as
they occur.

“RAIDS Online is a natural extension of our ongoing Neighborhood
Watch initiatives.  By utilizing this
tool, the Department can provide up to date information to our Neighborhood
Watch partners on a constant basis.   In
turn, they can provide information to us about activity in their neighborhoods,”
said Police Chief Michael Wynn.

Anyone can visit Pittsfield's crime map at: http://www.raidsonline.com/?address=Pittsfield%20MA.
The RAIDS online mobile app is also available for free on the App Store.

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