Schumer announces federal money coming to Schenectady

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – Senator Chuck
Schumer said the federal government granted millions of dollars to rehabilitate
buildings in Schenectady.

Schumer visited Schenectady in the
fall of 2013 and asked local officials what the federal government could do to
help the city. The mayor and others showed the senator dozens of dilapidated
and abandoned properties and told Schumer it was too expensive to tear them all
down and start over.

“Well, I'm happy to say that HUD
today announced that they are granting $3 million so we could deal with these
80 really bad properties,” Schumer said. “Many of them have pollution on them
because there was oil or chemical pollution in their heyday, and if we could
rehab those properties, tear down the buildings of those that couldn't be
rehabbed, we could have a real re-birth of the Bellevue neighborhood in Schenectady.”

Schumer said at least 70 percent
of the sites will see new buildings go up or improve the adjacent property once
the old ones are torn down.

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