NYS assemblyman convicted on multiple federal charges

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. – New York State Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. was convicted by a jury Thursday of 21 federal counts.

The charges against Boyland included Federal Programs Bribery, Conspiracy to Commit Federal Programs Bribery, Conspiracy to Violate the Travel Act and commit Federal Programs Bribery, Extortion, Extortion Conspiracy, Honest Services Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to Commit Honest Services Wire Fraud, Federal Programs Theft and Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud.

Boyland committed each of the offenses by exploiting his public position representing the 55th Assembly District in Brooklyn. The 43-year-old was automatically expelled from the Assembly upon his convictions.

Boyland faces prison terms up to 20 years on each of the Extortion, Extortion Conspiracy, Honest Services Wire Fraud, Honest Services Wire Fraud Conspiracy and Mail Fraud Conspiracy counts when sentenced. He also faces up to ten years on each of the Federal Programs Bribery and Federal Programs Theft counts and up to five years on each of the other conspiracy counts.

The evidence admitted at trial proved that beginning in January 2007 and continuing through December 2011, Boyland engaged in four separate corrupt schemes ranging from soliciting and accepting over $250,000 in bribe payments, to submitting false travel vouchers to New York State, to stealing state funds intended for the elderly.

“By soliciting bribes, by stealing funds intended to help the elderly, and by defrauding New York State and the Assembly, Boyland cravenly pursued his own interest at the expense of his constituents. In doing so, Boyland not only broke the law but broke faith with the public he was elected to serve. Today's verdict ensures that Boyland will be held accountable for his corrupt actions,” United States Attorney Lynch stated.

The former lawmaker was remanded into custody pending his sentencing on June 30. He is also subject to up to at least $250,000 in fines on each of the counts of conviction as well as criminal forfeiture and mandatory restitution.

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