Student-athlete weightlifting competition

TROY, N.Y. – Weightlifting during the Top Form Lift-off
competition is about more than just pumping iron.

Most coaches would say the off-season is when players really
get better and can use events like the Top Form Lift-Off to showcase what they've
been working on.

Patrick Pastore and several of his teammates from the Christian
Brothers Academy know it takes hard work in the off-season to win a sectional
football title.

“Games are won before the games are even started,” he said. “Right
now this is just motivation to get better.”

Pastore and his teammates are one of nearly 12 teams at the
2014 Top Form Lift-Off. The weightlifting competition has student athletes
compete as a team and individually in the squat, deadlift and bench press.

“It's a team bonding thing as a whole, but individually it's
a great confidence builder for the kids,” CBA coach Joe Burke said.

It's a confidence booster because the kids are doing the
work themselves without the aid of weightlifting supplements which is the focus
of Top Form.

“We want them doing things the right way,” Mike Reeves, Top
Form Clifton Park owner, said. “Learning how to put the hard work in, no
shortcuts – with that hard work and right training and right mindset, they can
achieve great things.”

Top Form Lift-Off was in danger of not having a location
until Catholic Central High School agreed to host the competition.

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