NY’s first apple cidery opens in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. – New York State's first fully licensed cidery opened in Albany.

Nine Pin is located on Broadway and was the dream of Alejandro del Peral. He said it took four years of training and planning.

“Definitely makes you nervous making something and giving it to people and especially something like cider which isn't necessarily everyone has tried it,” he said.

The process of making hard apple cider begins with apples del Peral buys from local orchards.

“The juice is pressed there and then we transfer it in bulk in these totes,” he said.

The juice is then pumped into fermentation tanks. Yeast is added and then the mixture is fermented.

“You control the temperature of the fermentation via refrigeration that's attached to these tanks, and this is sort of the heart of the operation,” del Peral explained.

The tasting room at Nine Pin is what make the cidery unique in the state. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed new legislation in January that allowed tasting rooms.

As a result, Nine Pin can sell its product by the pint and have more interaction with customers. It also raised the alcohol content from seven percent to eight and a half percent.

The owners' next step is to distribute the product so that it's available in local bars and wine shops in the coming weeks. 

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